Day 13 – National Prosecco Day

Today had lots of holidays to celebrate.  Not only was it National Prosecco Day, but it was also National Left-handers Day, National Bowling Day and National Filet Mignon Day.  That’s a full dance card right there.  I immediately googled the closest Bowling Alley that had left-handed blowing balls, served ice cold prosecco and served up a mean filet mignon.  Surprisingly, nothing jumped out at me.

This day seems like it was hand picked for my sister, MaryBeth.  She’s the biggest fan of Prosecco I know and she’s a southpaw too.  Terrible bowler though – or at least she was the last time we bowled together (8th grade?).  I think she started taking a liking to prosecco when she lived in England for a couple of years.  I don’t know the exact details of how that became her thing, but I notice that whenever she gets together with her friends from the UK, she’s popping open the prosecco.  She’s done a pretty good job at making it popular here in New England too.  And as far as left-handers go, she’s one of the finest.


MaryBeth toasts the holiday – although she commits a bit of a holiday foul: she didn’t use her left hand! 

We celebrated Prosecco Day here too.  It was a long, hot day in Rhode Island.  Really hot.  I spent most of my morning getting the field ready for our Wiffleball Day celebration on Sunday and had to stop every hour or so to jump in the river to cool down.  That was nice – perfect swimming weather.  Lola was up on our deck  under some shade, but the heat and humidity was melting her.  At about 2 pm, we had a big thunder storm blow through accompanied by some glorious rain.  Lola stood out in the rain throughout the whole storm and cooled herself down under the splash of raindrops.  She was in heaven.  Afterwards, when all had dried up and I had showered, we sat down and sipped a few glasses of chilled proscecco together.  We need to do that more often as a people.  To further celebrate, we both drank left-handed.  Now that’s celebrating.


Life is good somedays.  Hot, but good.  

We weren’t able to go Bowling today.  It was too hot.  I know that soaking in the AC of a bowling alley sounds like a good way to beat the heat, but leaving home just didn’t seem like something we wanted to do.  Plus the thought of putting my hand into sweaty ball holes and my feet into rented shoes seemed particularly gross.  Maybe next year we will give bowling the big celebration (am I doing this again next year?).

We did cook some Filet Mignon for dinner in honor of the day.  I picked up a couple at Clements from the butcher and then grilled them with a little salt and pepper.  I also made a little sauce for them too using some shallots, pepper, beef broth and cream.  They came out pretty good – Lola even gave me a punch of approval (remember, that’s when you know she really likes it).  All in all, a pretty good day.  But damn, was it hot.


Filet Mignon celebrated.  Lola happy.  Dan hot.  

Tomorrow: National Wiffleball Day – I’ve been waiting for this one! 





  1. Cherie · August 14, 2016

    Ok I’m kinda bummed I didn’t come over for this celebration!😜 I saw some filets at Clements myself and almost bought them! I had no idea it was the day to honor those tender cuts of beef.


  2. Have you seen Jim Gaffigan on bowling? Funny!


    • danlederer · August 28, 2016

      I have seen that. He’s one of my favorites. Reading his book now actually.


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