Day 7 – National Raspberries N’ Cream Day

Not to be confused with Raspberry Cream Pie Day, this was just Raspberries N’ Cream Day.  Pretty easy and a delicious one to celebrate.  Picked up some fresh raspberries yesterday and added a bit of sugar to them.  Let them sit for a bit.  Meanwhile I made some fresh whipped cream using a recipe that Lola taught me which she had learned from her mother – don’t forget to chill the beaters and bowl in the freezer!  (Love having a little Gigi in the mix.)  I was going to bring it to a party, so I decided to make it trifle style, although it would have been great just served up in a bowl.  The trifle was a layer of raspberries, layer of cream, layer of raspberries, layer of cream, etc.  When I was finished, I crushed up some Nilla Wafers and sprinkled on the very top to add a little crunch.  Easy, fresh and delicious.

I was bringing the Raspberries N’ Cream to my niece’s graduation party.  Kate graduated from High School in June and will be heading to the University of Rhode Island in a few weeks as a freshman (Go Rams!).  It was fun to be celebrating her big day with her.  Kate is a great kid (young lady, I suppose).  She always has been.  She was always chatty and fun to talk to, she’s funny and kind, and just a person you are glad to know. Her future is as bright as her smile, and Lola and I will be cheering all the way.


That’s me feeding Kate a big spoonful of Raspberries N’ Cream.  Isn’t her smile the best?

Today was also American Family Day which is a day to encourage families spending time with each other.  I guess I celebrated this day too because I was there with both my brother and sister and our families – a reunion of sorts, all gathered to celebrate the success of one of our own.  That’s what families do.

It was also National Friendship Day today which I thought was pretty appropriate for Kate who was gathering with her friends for one of the last times before the end of summer.  The summer after you graduate is a big year for anyone.  Sure, it’s filled with parties and fun, but there is also a pretty heavy realization looming over you that all your friends will soon be going their own separate way.  One of Kate’s friends would be leaving in about two weeks, and then slowly, one by one, they’d all be off to discover what life of a Freshman is all about.  That’s a lot for an 18 year old to process.  There’s wonder and unknown waiting for you in the wings and you just want to hold on to your friends as tight as you can to help you through it all.  I hope Kate had fun tonight (after we left). I hope she soaks in all the love and joy her friends will give her.  I hope she keeps smiling.

Today was also Preposterous Packaging day, so I celebrated that today too (how could I not).  We were giving Kate a couple of gift cards as a present (we figured she’d need some things for college), so we wrapped it as preposterously as possible.  The cards were bunched together and wrapped in a paper bag ad then tied neatly with some twine.  I then wrapped that in plastic wrap and then aluminum foil, and then slid that in a big envelope which I folded in half, sealed and taped shut.  That fit neatly into a box of old labels that I found, so I put them in there, sealed the box with lots of tape, and then put that box in a plastic Clements bag which I sealed shut.  I wrapped it up using half Christmas wrapping paper and half birthday wrapping paper. I put that in a trash bag, then put it all in a shirt box from Lord and Taylor along with some tissue paper.  Then I wrapped that all up with some foil wrapping paper.  Celebrated.


Kate holding the bounty of her preposterous wrapping. 

Tomorrow: National Custard Day 


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