Kickoff in One Week

Less than one week until August 1st and the official kickoff of the Year of Celebration. Okay, so we’re doin’ this.

This whole thing kind of went public before I was fully prepared.  The original plan would be to get a few posts in the can (is that an acceptable blogger expression?) and then put it out to the universe.  But because I wasn’t paying full attention when I linked my Facebook account to the site, my last post automatically posted to my Facebook page and suddenly I was out there for all to see. If that’s the way the universe is going to play this, I can only play along.  So hello world, it’s me Dan.

Lola also shared my post too which proved to be a positive ego boost.  We know a lot of fun people who seemed to be very supportive of this endeavor. That feels good (and thank you).  Lola is of course my biggest supporter and I am lucky to have her with me on all this.  She’s a fun person to celebrate with.

As I gear up for this to begin, I am getting a little consumed by where this will go.  I really don’t know.  Plus I have questions too:

  • Do I get a Mulligan or two?  365 days is a lot.  I may need a break.  But if I take a Mulligan, I am more apt to take more (which makes me a bad golf partner).
  • Is celebrating someone’s birthday on a day a celebration or do I stick to celebrating the “official” holiday?
  • On my traveling days for work, how the hell am I going to do this?

I’ve looked ahead and I have a pretty good idea on how I’m going to celebrate days 1 through 4.  It’s an aggressive start, but a good start, I think.  Does anyone have a Raspberry Cream Pie recipe they recommend? This is the leader in the club house so far: Raspberry Cream Pie.

Oh yeah, I have a Facebook page now for this.  You can follow along HERE.


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